Zanette Interior is a company founded in 1954 at northen Italy, since that time we have become leaders in the region, supplying furniture, finishes & fixtures.

Our mission is to support and simplify the work of the architects, interior designers, consultant offices, construction companies & resellers by offering furniture, finishes and fixtures that are 100% made in Italy.

The benefits and advantages of dealing with Zanette Interior are broad and various, our clients have a single supplier/contact to provide all products that they require for each project they want.

Thanks to our long experience in the field, we can recommend the correct company/ product that comply with the specifications and suitable to the budget of each area of project.

We will also put our clients in direct contact with the manufactures, to be up to date about each step of their order or any technical support they might need.

Zanette Interior has it’s own logistics organisation where all the goods are carefully managed from each manufacture to our logistics center, where the products will be divided and selected by the following criteria: client/project & country, by undergoing the mentioned methodology, the products will be ready for delivered once they reach the destination.

Zanette Interior, houses a team of skilled individuals that will provide technical support worldwide on the installation phase.