Large surfaces
with ventilated walls


CLADIA® UHPC with Ductal® inside is born from the experience and the union of the competences of two international companies: Zanette, Italian producer of precast concrete panels, and Lafargeholcim, world leader in building materials. Cladia® represents a revolution for the construction sector in which aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, resistance and simplicity of assembly are now indispensable prerogatives for the creation of latest generation projects. These particular cladding panels are made of UHPC Ductal® concrete, a material that allows to produce large flat elements with thin thickness, maximum yield over time and with a wide range of colors as well as surface finishes, also customizable by the laboratory Zanette.
It took 10 years of testing to make perfect this new product weighing only 33 kg per square meter and 15 mm thickness. Cladia® UHPC is an innovative cladding in the building sector, composed of 100% natural materials, "alive", which skillfully amalgamated together achieve exceptional performance, difficult to find in any other product on the market today.



Colours & Finishes

Technical Characteristics


High performance
and design made in italy


It is a solution that combines functionality and aesthetics, allowing ample expressive freedom and maximum customization. Cladia® UHPC is an ideal tool for architects, design studios and real estate developers dealing with the design, construction and coating of commercial, industrial and public facilities.
The solution for architects and designers who can in this way release their creative potential while protecting the structure with a second skin functional and elegant high performance. There are numerous advantages offered by Cladia:


High Resistance

Thanks to the use of three-dimensional AR/carbon fiberglass reinforcements, the panel is able to withstand impact, especially for the coating of the areas on the ground floor. Maximum resistance to water, high temperatures and fire (class A2-s1, d0 / A1 R120’).


Low thickness, maximum lightness

Great versatility in small spaces. Weight of only 33 kg per square meter in 15 mm thickness.


Eco-friendly product

Cladia® uses non-polluting raw materials and low environmental impact production for an eco-sustainable and easily recyclable product.



Pleasant visual and architectural appearance, thanks to the large sizes and variety of colors and surface finishes, also tailored to the individual project.


Energy Saving

Thanks to the possibility to insert insulating materials in the air chamber that is formed between the panel and the supporting wall, thus exploiting the ventilated wall effect.


Acoustic insulation

Thanks to the mass typical panel of concrete.



Suitable for all types of environments, ideal for both indoor and outdoor, easily customizable.



The main feature of cementitious materials is the durability and the low need for maintenance over time.




Cladia® is the ultimate solution for large surfaces with ventilated walls that can give a new skin to buildings making the external and internal facades of any building attractive, unique and exclusive. In addition, the Zanette / CLADIA® team specializes in international orders and offers comprehensive support worldwide for both the design and on-site installation of the solution through its network of installers. Here are some of our projects realized with Cladia ®.

Zanette a certified reality


The panels CLADIA® UHPC with Ductal® inside, are produced at the Italian plants Zanette, in Fontanafredda (PN), with sophisticated batching plants and state-of-the-art and customized machinery, constantly monitored in the production process both by the internal laboratory and by the main European certification institutes (CSTB - Istituto Giordano - DNV). The Zanette Research Center keeps in constant evolution and updating the adaptation to regulations and consequent certification methods. In addition to the ISO Quality Management System, the CLADIA® panels are subject to a CE marking that allows their circulation with a sort of Technical Passport within the European Union Market. In addition, the control is monitored by CSTB.

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