The innovative system
of ventilated walls


The cladding of a building is now at the center of attention not only for design and aesthetic function, but also for energy savings in the management of the building, which results from the use of innovative technologies such as the ventilated facade system.

Our special panels, produced with high performance concrete such as Cladia® UHPC and Zip® GRC, allow to optimize the energy performance of the building without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect, offering quality solutions, sustainable and durable over time.


High resistance


and Energy Saving


customized of colors
and finishes


Durability over time
and low need for
maintenance over time

CLADIA® with Ductal inside:


Born from the international Zanette and Lafarge-Holcim experience and the Ductal® technology, the Cladia® panel is the highest expression of UHPC - Ultra High-Performance Concrete. This product represents a revolution for the construction sector in which resistance, aesthetics, functionality, durability, sustainability and simplicity of assembly are now indispensable prerogatives for the creation of latest generation projects.

Cladia® UHPC is the ultimate solution for large surfaces with ventilated walls that can give a new skin to buildings making the exterior facades of any building attractive, unique and exclusive, new or renovated. With a weight of only 33 kg per square meter and 15 mm thick, Cladia® is an innovative product in the construction industry: a large UHPC panel, composed of 100% natural materials, "alive" and eco-sustainable, which skillfully blended together achieve exceptional performance.

GRC cladding system


The architecture of today must be designed according to the environment, and this has pushed Zanette in the search for new products. Therefore, was born ZIP /Zanette Innovation Panel an evolution of the GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) designed as a low-thickness facade cladding of only 15 mm, for new and old buildings. Large panel sizes with reduced thickness, for ventilated wall coverings that can offer energy efficiency and change skin to your building with multiple solutions fully customizable in terms of colors and finishes.

Ventilated Walls
Ventilated Walls

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