ZANETTE present #BeyondAppearances
A series of interviews about projects, challenges, stories.
Zanette’s desire to see Beyond

“THE SPIRAL project in New York was a double challenge for Zanette, as we initially had to think about two aspects: the architectural aspect and the structural aspect.
For a realisation that had never before been contemplated’.

Gianpiero Casagrande, R&D Manager 

“I remember that when the architect came to visit us, he sat on the floor with us to study the MixDesign: the quartz pebbles, Carrara white, light grey, dark grey, the granulometry, and in 2 days we developed this particular finish that makes this project a winner.”

Gianpiero Casagrande, Zanette R&D Manager.

Special thanks go to all our PARTNERS in this project:

PERMASTEELISA North America Corp.
GARCIA Marble & Tile
JCC Constructions Corp.

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