Building Zanette

The production process uses self-produced "green energy" from photovoltaic plants and cogeneration with vegetable oil.

Building Zanette <br>eco-sustainable

The Zanette
sustainability project

Our production facilities are developed in 25,000 square meters built on an area of 50,000 square meters. They are designed with walls, doors and windows and thermal insulation as per European legislation to avoid unnecessary energy losses and give a comfort to operators. Our production process is based on the lowest energy and environmental possible impact, uses "green energy" self-produced by photovoltaic systems and cogeneration with vegetable oil. The combination of cement, sand, glass fibers and organic fibers make Zanette products perfect for recovery and disposal also through crushing and reuse as substrates or inert materials:
this will significantly reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Even in the case of demolitions and reconstructions, the materials are duly selected can be remastered and find new life in Zanette Concrete Panels.

Recycling of sheet


A growing concern today is to understand what will happen to materials at the end of their life cycle, how they are disposed of and what they entail to the environment.

The sheet in UHPC CLADIA® and GRC ZIP, but also everything that is part of the ventilated wall can be separated, divided and recycled differently. Simple materials such as sand, cement, fiberglass can be crushed and reused as undercoats or inert materials. This factor lowers CO2 emissions and reduces energy consumption.


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