Internal production cycle


The production, located in three plants, is managed by specialized staff and is divided into three large product families:
Prefabricated infill panels, with various types of finishes;  
Ordinary and pre-compressed reinforced concrete supporting structures;
Covers with spans up to 30 m, made with more materials and with cutting-edge techniques.


Zanette uses state-of-the-art machines that are always unique because they are customized by the experience of the research and development department. The interfunctionality and flexibility of the departments encourage high production rates and fast delivery times of prefabricated, complete in every detail and prepared for the plants. With an added value expressed by the engineering content, the aesthetic value of the finishes, the careful variety of functional and decorative elements.


All stages of our production are managed by specialized personnel with the support of computerized control systems that guarantee the entire production process. A standard that Zanette uses to ensure high levels of quality in all stages of design, production, assembly and after-sales. Zanette products are also manufactured according to current regulations that provide, among other things, their traceability over time.

Production Process
Production Process

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