Vertical Surfaces


Zanette is the leading company in the field of concrete architectural facades. Thanks to its Zanette Research Center, it is able to develop traditional concrete panels or high performance UHPC or GRC, with particular dimensions, shapes, colors and performance, also customizing the production for each individual architectural project in collaboration with the designers. 
Through the use of special moulds designed and built with 3D drawing technologies, we can obtain shapes and surfaces that were previously unthinkable.

The evolution in the construction field has allowed Zanette to express itself at best with customized finishes, making the building also performing from the energy point of view, thanks to the Thermal Cut walls. First choice materials are used that ensure the durability of projects over time. In addition, concrete is an eco-sustainable and easily recyclable material.



Continuous technological development means that continuous solutions are sought for the infill panel, which is why Zanette Precast constantly carries out prototypes that are tested in research laboratories. The use of matrices or bricks, marble or stone plates, rather than wood or glass, are a daily occurrence.
Zanette Precast is attentive to the continuous technological development, to the personalization of the production machinery and to the research and development of the materials and their performances: in this way, prototypes tested in research laboratories are carried out to verify the desired performance.

Over 60 years of know-how in the sector allow Zanette to use for the customization of its matrix panels with particular finishes or to match various materials such as bricks, marble or stone plates, wood or glass elements, to achieve unique and long-lasting results.

Zanette the Concrete’s Atelier


The production of Zanette concrete panels is a real creative laboratory, where research and development are at the service of the designer for technological and creative solutions always tailored to each project.

The great attention to design allows to obtain finishes and solutions always original, even experimenting with new materials and workings and always maintaining the high performance desired. The Zanette concrete workshop allows to study and standardize the finishing of panels with various uses and therefore with different performances and thicknesses, within the same project: Cladia® UHPC or Zip GRC panels perform different functions (ventilated walls, driveway tops, connecting elements, etc.) but can express the same aesthetic code planned by the architect.




Zanette offers to every project a variety of solutions coordinated in finishes and customized in thickness and performance depending on the solicitation and specific use of each surface or architectural detail.