Structure and Covering


Zanette covering systems are divided into 3 types: FLAT, DOUBLE SLOPE, WING. Depending on the type, it is possible to adapt shapes, insulation and coatings in different materials.


Cover system


The SKY system by Zanette Precast is the result of a careful research into the functional, aesthetic and economic needs of the customer for the coverage of prefabricated warehouses and industrial and commercial buildings. It allows to optimize the external/internal connections with effective and safe solutions for the housing inside of light lines, heating, crane lines.
Thanks to its elegant but sober shape, with SKY you can reach lights up to 34 meters with fire resistance R=120-180. To combine quality, flexibility and design economy, the SKY wings can be completed with both micro-lightened concrete cups and light metal sandwich panels or similar, allowing you to realize flat roofs (zenith lighting) or Shed (oriented lighting).

The particular "V" shape of SKY, the width of the channel at the extrados and the possibility of certifying in continuity the tiles of multiple spans, allows you to collect large quantities of meteoric water and convey them easily towards the perimeter of the building (‘water outside' for direct lines) or in rain inside the pillars.

Covering System


The new TEGOLO Zanette Prefabricated Covers are designed for a productive and safe building that provides an easy and correct installation of modern plant.

The ability to optimize and customize the interior spaces is an additional advantage offered by this construction system.

Covering System Y

Zanette’s Y system is ideal for existing buildings subject to extensions where the ground needs a light but functional coverage, thanks to its round and harmonious lines. This cover can also be used with light sandwich cups (ISOLCOP) or with flat ceiling, insulation and sheet metal fairing (ALUZINK). All covers are in compliance with safety regulations.

Double Slope
Covering System


The "DOUBLE SLOPE" Covering System is a solution for important snow loads and allows you to reach up to lights of 25 meters and more. The main beam, sometimes lightened with holes that allow the passage of technological systems, can be combined in cover with elements of different nature, from the classic double TT tile or as an alternative to the T-beam element.

The simple structure in its geometric configuration, well known and widespread, has its wide use in buildings for agricultural and tertiary use; especially when the requests are to have a traditional roof covering, the DOUBLE SLOPE solution, allows depending on the roofing slab used, to run a waterproofing cover package with different types and technical characteristics.

You can form skylights for the insertion of translucent parts and inserting the triangle to Shed you can get indirect lighting and smoke heaters. The whole system is designed to ensure a Fire Resistance R120, extendable for some cases even to R180'.

U- Shaped Cover System


The roof with U-beam, width 90x125 cm can reach a maximum length of 25 meters where they are conveyed with 40 TT or 30 cm insoles positioned straight or inclined. Ideal to take advantage of limited project heights with high fire resistance. It is possible to insert heat smoke evacuators, fixed skylights, which can be opened to "shed" or "zenithali". The above cover may be made of sheet metal or sheath.