The high degree of customization of Zanette concrete products allows the realization of special functional accessories.


Complementary Installation


Increasingly, roofs are required to accommodate technological systems. For example, with photovoltaic that can be applied in round cups or in the back of the skylight in Shed, designed to increase the efficiency of the plant itself. To this, it must be added special attention in designing these plants coordinating regulations and regulations in the fields of Safety, Fire Resistance and GSE.

Skylights Shed


Technological and constructive solutions to manage the light coming from openings in roofing systems and to ensure proper ventilation. Prefabricated skylights, which guarantee the quality of the functional result thanks to the improvement of production processes and quality control, without sacrificing a certain aesthetic quality.

Access and maintenance
Safety Systems


Zanette proposes, in support of the building, (in addition to Doors and Windows) the stairs to the Marinara to access in absolute safety to the roofs. With various possibilities, with rest landing, safety lanyard and landing comfortable workers where they need certified life lines can operate without limitations.

Electrical Substations


The Zanette cabin consists of prefabricated panels in c.a.v. assembled by bolts and threaded bushings, embedded in concrete and anchored to the internal metal structure, to build self-supporting walls. The structure of the cabin is made in accordance with CEI 70-1, the current legislation and Enel requirements.