Polytechnic University
Milan Campus

Polytechnic University <br>Milan Campus

The Project

The new university campus is the result of an idea conceived by Renzo Piano and gifted to the Polytechnic University of Milan and developed by ODB studio in Milan. Zanette was chosen with CLADIA® for the supply of UHPC panels provided by the project specifications. Vertical surfaces on ventilated walls, floating floors and interior coverings, interact with each other with a material finish designed specifically as project specifications and formats ranging from 60x120cm up to 400cm in length.

Other cladding materials and special connection elements in melamine concrete, were made by Zanette with the same aesthetic finish as the panels CLADIA®, to give continuity in areas with other use.

Internal architectural wall made in CLADIA® and obtained by milling of inscriptions and bas-reliefs in the thickness of the material, with different finishes according to project specifications.