Concrete’s Atelier:
technology, design and eco-sustainability
for the building industry


Concrete is an ancient material to which Zanette wanted to give a future of innovation through a consolidated know-how of over 60 years of experience and research and development: eco-friendly, versatile, suitably blended can offer exceptional strength and durability. A material that can be modeled according to functional but also aesthetic needs, to support and ennoble large international architectural projects, both in new buildings and in renovations.

Panels with UHPC and GRC performance, vertical walls and special elements for architecture such as pavements or sunscreens, find in Zanette’s concrete the expression of value for civil and industrial construction.

 Zanette’s production is a real creative and technological laboratory: it is here that blends, shapes and finishes are experimented, alongside architects who find functional solutions to their creative ideas through prototyping and engineering phases of manufactured products tested in research laboratories.

State-of-the-art and always unique machinery as personalized by the experience of Zanette technicians, selection of raw materials such as sand, gravel or marble directly in places of extraction and crushing, study of combinations with the most varied materials such as glass or wood, creation of matrices and molds for aesthetic finishes always original, make the production phase.

Zanette is a real concrete atelier in which an industrial production finds maximum creative and artisan expression according to the canons of the best made in Italy.

Concrete’s Atelier
Concrete’s Atelier

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