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Specialized in the production of prefabricated products, façade’s cladding, ventilated walls and flooring, through the processing of traditional and special concrete, such as UHPC and GRG, Zanette is an industrial reality oriented to change and innovation that, thanks to the collaboration with some partners in the technology sector, is able to produce solutions of great impact on the world of construction and architecture always thinking about sustainability.





Zanette design concrete:
the concrete’s atelier


The production of concrete panels Zanette is a laboratory where research and development are at the service of the designer, for technical and creative solutions always tailored to every project. The great attention to design allows to obtain always original finishes, even experimenting with new materials and producing.


Perché scegliere Zanette


Zanette nasce nel 1954 in un territorio ad alta vocazione industriale, nel nord-est d’Italia: in quel momento storico si assiste al passaggio dalla produzione di massa alla specializzazione che stimola le imprese verso nuove tecnologie, nuove dimensioni, nuove esigenze, con una spinta innovativa che porta alla trasformazione di tutto il processo verso produzioni d’eccellenza. 

Un cambiamento che trova la sua chiave di volta nell’organizzazione interna che va a coordinare ed integrare quelle che sono le 3 anime della azienda: progettazione, ricerca, produzione.
Attraverso questi processi virtuosi, alla tradizionale produzione di manufatti in cemento si affianca una ricerca e sviluppo che porta ad offrire materiali innovativi per l’edilizia in campo internazionale.

Why should you choose Zanette?

Zanette born in 1954 in an area with high industrial vocation, in the north-east of Italy: at that historic moment we are witnessing the transition from mass production to specialization that stimulates companies towards new technologies, new dimensions, new needs, with an innovative drive that leads to the transformation of the whole process towards excellent productions.

A change that finds its keystone in the internal organization that goes to coordinate and integrate the 3 souls of the company: design, research, production. Through these virtuous processes, the traditional production of concrete products is supported by research and development that leads to offer innovative materials for construction in the international field.


High technology


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high-quality products


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Over 60 years
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CLADIA® with Ductal inside:


Born from the international Zanette experience and Ductal technology, Cladia® UHPC represents a revolution for the construction sector in which aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and simplicity of assembly are now indispensable prerogatives for the creation of latest generation projects.
Cladia® is the ultimate solution for large surfaces with ventilated walls that can give a new skin to buildings making the external facades of any building attractive, unique and exclusive.
Weigh of only 33 kg per square meter and 15 mm thick, Cladia® is an innovative product in the construction industry, made of 100% natural materials, "alive", which skillfully amalgamated together achieve exceptional performance.

Zanette in the world


Cladding, Flooring, Precast Walls, Coatings: Zanette offers to every project a variety of solutions and products coordinated in finishes and customized in thickness and performance depending on the stress and specific use of each surface or architectural detail: special concrete panels UHPC, GRC and much more.

Cladding system
Cladding system

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