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Innovative façade finishes
• Prefabricated, civil and industrial buildings
• Panels: finishes, corner elements, logotypes,
doors and doorways
• Structures: pillars, lintels, planking, roofing elements
• Roofing: sky, tegolo, isolcop, aluzink
• Skylights: shed and zenitali
• Accessories: stairs, electric control rooms, safety lines
• Zip: Zanette Innovation Panel
• Rounded, lightweight roofs

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Zanette Edilizia and Zanette Arredobagno are indispensable partners for any type of building requirement.
The future has already begun.
Zanette Edilizia is the ideal partner for building contractors and for private customers who are particularly aware of the importance of building systems. Here, even professionals can find the best products in terms of raw materials, technologies, insulations, window and door frames, specialised hardware and accident-prevention products for the building sector.

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Zanette Arredobagno is the partner you need to furnish your home.
Always attentive to the evolution of trends and technologies, it offers not only bathroom furniture but also claddings, floorings, finishes, ceramic sanitary ware and tiles in a showroom where the products can be handled before choosing them for everyday life.
The best product brands for your home, inside and out.

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Zanette Energy presents its “zero emission” building, the future has already begun. Heat radiation, a process that is already present in the sun’s vital cycle towards the Earth, is at the basis of the technology employed in the products and systems produced by Zanette Energy+.
The home+ line makes it possible to radiate heat in homes with the same benefits of the sun in terms of comfort, health, ergonomics and, above all, savings.
The air temperature is lower than that of traditional systems and the evenly-radiated heat virtuously heats the home and the objects contained in it.
The outcome is a very pleasant perception of comfort and wellness with the added value of a significant reduction in the consumption of energy compared to traditional heating systems.

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Zanette Arredobagno is the partner you need to furnish your home.
Always attentive to the evolution of trends and technologies, it offers not only bathroom furniture but also claddings, floorings, finishes, ceramic sanitary ware and tiles in a showroom where the products can be handled before choosing them for everyday life.
The best product brands for your home, inside and out.


The coating panels produced in our factories, find their main field of application in ventilated facade cladding systems, giving the buildings an improvement of their features and performance such as:

– Visual and architectural aspect, thanks to large sizes and to the variety of surface colorings and finishes.

– Energy saving, thanks to the possibility of inserting insulating materials in the air chamber that forms between the panel and the carrier, thus exploiting the effect of the ventilated wall.

– Sound insulation due to the mass of the panel, typical of the concrete.

– High impact resistance, especially for floor covering areas, thank you to the use of three-dimensional fiberglass armor.

– Durability in time, material characteristic cement.

– Low need for maintenance over time.

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CLADIA® panels, with Ductal® inside, were born from collaboration between Zanette, Italian manufacturer of concrete prefabricated panels and Lafarge-Holcim, world leader in building material systems. The CLADIA® panels, with Ductal ® inside, have been realized with UHPC Ductal® concrete which allows to produce flat elements of large dimensions, very thin thickness, durability over time, a wide range of colors and superficial finishings.

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